The dream

In 1999 Hans opened his practice, 't Hart Communicatie, where he focused on relationship therapy and business training. Five years later, he fulfilled a dream by moving to Canada with his wife, Rita. Only a few months later, personal circumstances prompted their decision to return to the Netherlands. Although this decision proved to be the right one, it caused considerable emotional stress, also in their relationship. Hans and his wife were unable to deal with this crisis and felt as if they were losing each other. 

A new start

After returning to the Netherlands, Hans changed the name of his practice to Triple Impact. In search of a new dream, in 2008 he attended Harville Hendrix’s course in relationship therapy (Imago Relationship Therapy) in London. The aim of this renowned course is to help couples/pairs heal and repair their relationships. You can find more information about this approach at:

While attending this course, Hans learned about the latest insights into how the brain works and how you can deal with emotional blocks. This not only saved his own marriage, but it also added an enormous boost to the quality of everything he did. In March 2010, Hans was officially certified as an Imago Relationship therapist.

After a period of three years, the situation once again became stable. Because 't Hart believes in the motto 'practise what you preach', this period also enabled him to refine the methods and tactics that he uses in his counselling.

In 2011 Hans and his wife were admitted to the first Master Class organised by Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, both highly respected in the area of relationship therapy (Encounter-Centred Couples Therapy). Only 30 therapists worldwide were admitted to this first Master Class. Hans followed a total of four Master Classes. Hedy Schleifer gave an impressive presentation in her TedTalk ‘The power of connection’:

In 2013 Hans took both the basic and the advanced course in EFT (Emotionally Focussed Couple Therapy). This form of relationship therapy is a very effective addition to Hedy Schleifer’s work. More information about EFT can be found on

More information?

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