Relationship coaching

You have a good relationship but you want more depth. Preferably with counselling from a very experienced coach who quickly understands your situation and, of course, speaks English well.

Relationship coach Hans ’t Hart of Triple Impact is a result-driven relationship psychologist who bundles the strong points of diverse relationship therapies, such as EFT, Encounter-Centred Couples Therapy and Imago Relationship therapy.

His approach is unprecedented and usually leads to a (much) stronger relationship between partners. Even if your relationship has reached a deep point, Hans ’t Hart may be able to help you improve it. 


Hans’s passion is helping people find greater satisfaction and effectiveness in their relationship. He teaches you how you can be enthusiastic (again) about having a relationship, drawing from his own experiences rather than a book.

Hans regularly attends courses in England and speaks English fluently.

Crossing The Bridge, a book written by Hans 't Hart

New book

Check out the new book written by Hans and titled Crossing The Bridge

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